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DEADLINE: last day to order for 2018 delivery is August 15th.
We are not accepting any new accounts at this time.

All rattles are sold in groups of 3. Each rattle group will have at least 2 wood species represented.
Rattles come with tags printed on one side, as above. Our logo is engraved on each toy, as small as possible, per federal guidelines.

Safety: All of our toys meet CSPIA guidelines. While all our woods are safe for hand play, maple is the best choice for teething. 

Minimum order is $300, domestic shipping is $18 per order. International shipping rates will be quoted after form is submitted, we offer USPS or DHL. Buyer is responsible for all international taxes and surcharges.

You can find a list of our retail partners here.

Please, let us know if you have any questions.
Thank you!

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