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We are now taking orders for 2018!
All rattles are sold in groups of 3. Each rattle group will have at least 2 wood species represented.
Rattles come with tags printed on one side, as above. Our logo is engraved on each toy, as small as possible, per federal guidelines.

Safety: All of our toys meet CSPIA guidelines. While all our woods are safe for hand play, maple is the best choice for teething. Walnut is not a safe choice for teething, please inform your customers if they choose to use the rattle as a teether.

Minimum order is $150, domestic shipping is $12 per order. International shipping rates will be quoted after form is submitted, we offer USPS or DHL. Buyer is responsible for all international taxes and surcharges.

You can find a list of our retail partners here.

Please, let us know if you have any questions.
Thank you!

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