How we're staying healthy, happy and calm.

Dear Friends,
I wanted to reach out in light of the ongoing situation to which we are all adjusting. As a small business owner, educator, and parent, we all share the same uncertainties as we face this challenge and its effects on many facets of our lives. 
We have been practicing social-physical distancing since March 12th and are finding our own rhythm with dog walks around the neighborhood, home schooling in the mornings, connecting with friends and family via various online apps, and lots of baking. So. Much. Baking.  
One of our favorite baking sites.
Understanding our unique position as the toy maker for your children, we also made the decision when we physically distanced ourselves from friends and public, to have only David making toys during this time. This ensures that we have only quarantined hands on the toys! Please understand that your favorite small businesses online and in your community are feeling this crisis. If you are able to do so, please show them support - this is a difficult time for everyone. 
Turning lemons into lemonade, we spent some of this slow time by designing some new toys! Our modular toys are the perfect outlet for hours of creative play, and these new sets offer hours of fun for kids to design, create, play, and repeat. 
As a teacher for 19 years, I also wanted to share this free teaching resource with you: . I developed this toolkit to teach primary grades reading. Please feel free to share with anyone who might need a learning-to-read resource at this time when we’re all at home with our kiddos. Click on the “constellations” to find the printable books - each one highlights a new spelling pattern, set of high frequency words, and vocabulary. They’re fun coloring books as well. My friend Rory and I did the illustrations :). If you’re printing at home, make sure to pay attention to the directions on the site about how to print so that the pages are in order.
We are all parts of multiple communities: family, neighborhood, school, church, city, state, and small business networks - including the extended Manzanita Kids family, which includes you! We are resilient, optimistic, and important members of our communities. We can do this! 
- Adrienne