Today we did the awkward door knock, we used to live here convo,...

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Today we did the awkward door knock, we used to live here convo, and pictures in the backyard. But it was worth it, to get a picture of the teeny tiny shed where the first Little Sapling Toys were created.
This is where we planned, designed, and prototyped 10 years ago. This is where the first three wood blocks were born. This is where the first teethers that broke the geometric mold were cut. There are many options for toys like ours now, but this is the origin story.

The trip back to Eureka & the celebration of ten years in business has been an emotional one with a lot of introspection on how and why we’ve grown. There is still so much to do, to say. We have a bigger mark to leave on the Earth, one of respect, beauty, and healing. We’re on our way and, with your help, doing more good than we ever thought possible from the humble beginning of this backyard shed.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for the response to my story today and thoughts on communicating our message. I love you, our tribe. I love Little Sapling Toys and the good we’ve had the honor of doing in the world. If you’ve connected with us (our design, passions, anything), talk to me here, or by DM, or email. I’d love to hear from you. -Kimber (at Eureka, California)

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