Toys for Your 1-Year-Old

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Your 1-Year-Old’s Wish List

Briana, Community Manager & Head of Fulfillment, is mom to a sweet red-headed 1-year-old whose full time job is to play! These are some of her favorite toys for 12-18 month old kiddos.

  1. Wooden Stacking Rainbow, $49

A beautiful toy your babe will love stacking and creating unique shapes and pictures.

rainbow - stacking toy - baby

  1. Rocking Horse, $99

Whether your little one wants to gallop or trot, this one is perfect for riding. Giddy up!

rocking horse - baby - wooden riding toy

  1. Mailbox, $45

Your tot will love putting the letters in and taking the letters out with six different shapes to choose from.

mailbox toy - vintage - developmental

  1. 26-Piece Picture Alphabet Set, $59

The learning is endless with these blocks created for learning letters, words, and pictures!

wooden blocks - learning - abc


  1. Tool Set, $24 without a box, $44 with

These tools are safe to play with when your little one wants to help you “fix it.”

 toolbox - tool box - personalized

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