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Hi there!

If you couldn't tell by our wooden toys and wooden rattles, we worship wood. Every piece tells its own story and is gorgeous in its own way. This is what makes toys made out of wood so amazing! Not one is alike. Our toy company is a little unique, too. If you are new here you may not know why or how we plant a tree for EVERY single wooden toy we sell. You heard that right, one tree per toy. Pretty crazy right? 

We are on track to hit over 100,000 by the summer thanks to all of our awesome customers. 

Back at the beginning of Little Sapling Toys, we had no clue how impactful purchasing with a purpose was. We donate through Trees for the Future, an awesome charity who plants trees in impoverished countries. These trees boost the economy and well-being of many families in the community. Amazing, right?

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The best part of purchasing with a purpose is that you can make a huge impact with one tiny decision. Picture a forest with 100,000. That is what our customers alone have accomplished, and you deserve a huge "THANK YOU" from all of us here at Little Sapling Toys. You are the reason we keep going. 


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