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Purchase with a Purpose // 1 Doll = 1 Meal

Our wooden toy company was founded on eco-friendly ideals. With this in mind, we wanted to give back to the community by planting a tree with every toy sold. At this point we have planted over 90,000 trees with the help of Little Sapling community.

The more we get to know people in our community, the more companies we find that also value purchase with a purpose. One of these companies is Cuddle+Kind

Cuddle+Kind ethically produces gorgeous stuffed dolls for your little ones. Not only are they adorable, they also serve a magical purpose. Every doll purchased helps feed a child in need. 1 doll = 10 meals! Together with their C+K community, they have donated 3,391,838 meals (as of Jan. 21)! How amazing is that? 

cuddle+kind - stuffed animals

Cuddle+Kind works directly with five charities including World Food Program, Children's Hunger Fund, Breakfast Club of Canada, CHF Mercy Network and the WE Charity School Nutrition Program

The next time you are looking to purchase with a purpose, head over to their site! Adorable and fruitful for those in need.

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