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Introducing the Player Program

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Little Sapling Family! Thank you for loving our wooden toys as much as we do. We really appreciate you. Without further adieu, I am so excited to share our latest project with you. 

Our team has been hard at work putting together something super amazing just for you and your little sapling: The Player Program!

The Player Program is a new way of sharing your collection of toys with family and friends, connecting with other amazing people, and earning some cash while you do it. We'll plant a tree in your honor when you register, you'll have 48-hour access to an exclusive player discount, and the option to plant an additional 50 trees. When you join the program, you will be welcomed into our private community on Instagram called "@playerground" where we will post sneak peeks, contests and other exclusive activities.

If you are interested, register here (the terms and conditions include more details) and within a few hours, you'll receive a welcome email with all the info to get started in the program.

Thanks again for joining us on this exciting new chapter of bringing gorgeous wooden toys and an important mission to a larger audience!

Reach out to for more information. We can't wait to see you on the playground!

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