Holiday Party with the Team

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After New Years, we took a Sapling Family trip to an awesome Mongolian BBQ place. If you are anywhere near Springville, Utah check it out. It's right off the freeway! Delicious!


owners - nick and kimber christensen - little sapling toys

Nick and Kimber have been here a few times, so they were really excited to treat us to one of their favorite places.

mongolian bbq - barbeque

If you've never been to a Mongolian BBQ place, let me give you the scoop. You grab a bowl (or three if it's unlimited like the place we went to), fill it up with meats, sauce and veggies and leave it with a master chef.

mongolian bbq - chef - team dinner - springville utah

He then cooks your creation to perfection and ta-da, you've got a sweet stir-fried meal.

brooke and mitchell fisher - little sapling toys

My husband Mitch and I (Brooke) loved every bite. It was a struggle to not go back for fourths! 

briana fisher - tyler fisher - little sapling toys

While Briana, head of community and fulfillment, and her husband Tyler weren't wrengling their little one, Teddy (he's the little red head with his back turned watching Moana), they also enjoyed some yummy food! 

A.J. and his girlfriend Sammy got into it too. A.J. works side-by-side in the shop with Nick to make your toys for you.

brooke fisher - jorgensen - little sapling toys

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