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Good News & Bad News

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We appreciate your love and support for our wooden teethers, toys, blocks and decor. It's time for another fork-in-the-road, big-decision, business-changing event. It's been over two years since our last one and because business progresses and cycles, the inevitable has finally arrived.

We're moving our shipping operations to a fulfillment center! (Insert 5-8 celebration emojis here.)

Here are some of the amazing benefits our team and customers will receive from this move:

  • The fastest possible shipping.
  • More accuracy in fulfillment.
  • More time available to design new toys and, therefore, an expanded product line.
  • Improved customer care process.
  • Better availability on Amazon and at local stores.

We're so excited for the growth opportunity this will give our team at Little Sapling Toys!

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This development does have one unfortunate consequence: we'll no longer be able to offer personalization on our toys.

We realize that this change is a drag for many of our most loyal customers! We expect the advantages for LST and, in turn, what we can offer our customers to be significant. We hope you'll continue to enjoy the personalized nature of well-designed, handcrafted wooden toys as we continue providing you safe and beautiful wooden toys you can feel good about buying.

A few specifics to add:

  • We will continue to offer personalized growth charts and stools for the time being.
  • Personalized ornaments will be offered as a holiday special October through December.

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