Cheap Family Friendly Summer Activities

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Now that your kiddos are out of school, it's time to PLAY! Here are a few ways we like to spend our summer.

Go to the Park (and pool)!

So classic and oh, so fun! One of our Little Sapling Players, Jessie, takes her little lady to swing. Being outside and out of the house is great for you and your kiddos equally. Going to the park will encourage your little to love Mother Earth early on.

Some parks are connected to community pools with splash pads. This is an awesome way to cool off and giggle a lot with your family. Bigger kids can stay cool in the pool. Younger ones can have fun too! LST Player Shelby takes her 7 month old cutie to the pool and it's a great way for them to cool down.

Go to the Library

Most local libraries have scheduled reading times that are free for you and your little one to attend. While your kids are listening to the books, grab your own book and enjoy or take the time to meditate and focus on mama self-care.

Our friend, and LST Player, Melissa also mentioned us that her library hosts events as part of a summer series. Libraries go beyond the books. Sometimes you may run into a magician, other times you may meet a snake expert. 

Inquire at your local library.

Serve your Neighbors

Teach your little ones to love those around them early. This activity isn’t 100% free, but most of the time you can find a goodie to bake and deliver. If you want to keep this activity free, ask a neighbor if you can walk their dog or pull some weeds for them.

Home Depot Projects

Select Home Depot’s offer FREE activities for kids on certain days. This can be painting wooden toys, making a bird feeder, and much, much more. Look up your zip code and register here. Sometimes they even have workshops for parents, too! Hello DIYers!

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Photo courtesy of Home Depot

Watch the Sunset/Sunrise

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how beautiful sunsets and sunrises can be! Most kids wake up before the sunrise anyways, right? Take breakfast/dinner to the park or on a short hike, find a good spot and just let Mother Earth light up the sky

This can even be done from the comfort of your own backyard. LST Player Jennifer has been in full-blown baby-wearing mode all summer. Her two mobile littles love being outside. This activity would be perfect for a family with kids on-the-go. 

Stay inside with Sensory Toys

LST Player Taylor reminded us how much we love sensory toys. They are cheap and keep the kiddos entertained for a long time. This is a good indoor activity that helps parents and kiddos beat the heat.

We love water beads and sensory sand. They are so much fun! Parents will need to keep an eye on their littlest kiddos, but older kids can play for hours on end with sensory toys. 


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Photo courtesy of Amazon

Let us know what summer activities your family likes to do in the comments!

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