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Back to School Activities for the Whole Family

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Raise your hand if you miss summer. Everyone should be raising their hands. Just because school has started doesn't mean it's time to be boring. Here are a few fun activities you can do with your littles and your significant other after school and work.

1. Make a Fun After School Snack

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We love the fun personalized plates you can get from Dylbug. Take the time to get creative with your little ones and their after school snacks. Even if you don't have a personalized plate, we give you permission to play with your food. 

2. Pick a Family Show to Watch Once a Week

If TV isn't your thing, skip this tidbit. 

Pick a TV show (maybe one that's on the air in real time) and sit down as a family to watch it every week at the same time. Make it something the kiddos look forward to. Include a family treat or ritual to go along with this activity.

3. Draw Family Portraits

You know those picture-perfect first day of school photos you see on Instagram? Create your own with your family but instead of perfectly curating it with your iPhone, draw it! Every family member should draw themselves, even the parents! Put them up where you can see them before everyone leaves for work and school.

4. Make a time capsule to open at the end of the school year!

Time capsules are supposed to be put away for years, but kid's lives change so quickly, it will be fun to do a time capsule of all of their favorite things at the beginning of the year. Make a sheet with some of their faves on it.

A few ideas can be: Favorite color, Favorite game/video game, Favorite Movie, Height, Treat, Character from Movie, etc.

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5. Make something together!

Treats or crafts are great. My thought is to go to treats. I just tried these the other day and they are ridiculous. Teaching your kids a skill when they are young will stick with them forever (Thanks, mom). 

Bonus: Whatever you make can be shared with your little's new friends at school! Yay for sharing.

6. Build a Town or Village with Blocks

Encourage creativity and imagination by building a little town or fortress with building blocks or legos. This is a fun one because everyone can have a hand in it, even the adults. Come up with a storyline for the new town and build your vision. Take it even further, make blueprints before you start to teach your kids about planning a project.

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