7 Ways to Save on Essential Baby Products

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Editor's Note: Sam, lover of wooden toys and the genius over at MovingBabies.com, wrote this lovely article on how to shop savvy for your little one. Enjoy!

Are you having trouble with saving money? Do you consistently find yourself on that aisle in the mall buying baby products that you are not sure your child will need? Do not worry; most parents have been there. You know, not everyone is a natural-born money saver. As a new parent also, you might be confused on what your child requires if you have no one to guide you. It is, however, imperative knowing how to budget and lucky for you, there are several simple-yet-effective ways to save for the baby.

Be A Savvy Momanager With These Simple Tips

If you are a new parent or are expecting a baby, it is vital to realize that there are ways to help you cut down on expenses. Here are some ways you can start.

Purchase Second-Hand Clothes and Baby Gear

Most consignment shops are full of great maternity and baby clothes as well as gear and furniture. Your child does not know the difference between consignment or designer clothes. Therefore, for his first year, save and get him second-hand clothes. He will soon outgrow them.

You can look at getting larger items such as swings, bouncers or high chairs for next to nothing on business websites.

Buy Items According to the Urgency

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell what your baby needs until you get to know and observe him or her. A car seat (either using a convertible or a travel system option) is a non-negotiable, but you may not yet know if you would prefer a jogging stroller or a regular top-rated baby stroller. And with online ordering and next day delivery, you don’t need to make these decisions too far in advance. mom at store

Swaddlers, for example: some babies love being swaddled, while others despise it. So you can begin with just one or two options like a cotton swaddling blanket, and a Velcro swaddle sleeper. If your little angel giggles at the idea of being wrapped, you can get more swaddling clothes later. However, if she hates it, you will not have wasted money on items that you will never use.

Powder Up With Affordable Formulas

When all goes south, and you have no option but to offer your child formula, use the powder version rather than the ready-to-feed cans. They aren’t difficult to mix and they are super easy to travel with and offer you a 50% saving over the canned options. You can also get free samples from the hospitals. There are medical facilities that provide new parents formula but upon requests. So, stock up!

Befriend the Local Librarian and Borrow Books

Your baby will most likely love to be read to every night. The problem is that books can be expensive each. One trip every month to the local library will give him plenty of variety without putting strain on your budget.

Buy Toys That are Built to Last

If this is your first child and you’re wanting to have more children down the line, buy things that will last. Quality wooden blocks and push toys will withstand anything - even toddlers - and are much better for them than flashing, battery operated plastic toys.

wooden blocks - toys

Accept Hand-Me-Downs

When your other mom friends, relatives and friends offer you their tiny baby clothes, be polite and accept them. You can snag some essentials from friends and neighbors who no longer needed baby gear. As a result, you will save yourselves hundreds of dollars by merely requesting and not being picky.

Freeze Your Leftovers

The last thing any parent is going to want to do once their little sunshine graces their home is cook dinner-decisions that lead to the ordering of food and spending money. Fortunately for you, you can avoid this by pre-making meals during the last few weeks of your pregnancy and freeze them. When you get home, you just have to pull out a meal, warm it up and you will be good to go.

Without a doubt, your precious child is going to cost you a lot of money, especially in her first years, but before you blink, your angel will be a full-fledged toddler, and the days of diapering and purchasing new clothes every other week will be far behind you.

Editor's Note: We shared BPA-free storage alternatives on our last blog post. 


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