In Our Nature

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Nature is our middle name at Little Sapling Toys. We try to make that obvious through our love of wooden toys and blocks.

At the start of Summer I like to make a list of "funtivities" that I want to do while we are out of school. Things like picnics up the canyon, bike rides, hikes, playing at the lake, etc. There is something about Summer that pleads for me to go to nature.

Edward O. Wilson is responsible for developing the biophilia theory. It is the belief that we have a natural human tendency to focus on life. Love of life, whether that is the lives of other humans or of any other living organisms is an innate part of our identity as human beings. Wilson and other theorists believe that our desire to be in nature is a part of our very genes! 

I hope you find somewhere to go to experience your love of life today!

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