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This month marks the seventh birthday for Little Sapling Toys! Naturally, this is exciting for us and we want to share some of our history with you beyond wooden blocks, wooden toys and step stools.

Did you know that we design all our toys? Concept sketches, wood choices, computer graphics (sometimes purchased from other graphic designers), prototypes, photography, and packaging; we go through all the steps for each toy design. When we started LST in 2008, this was a necessity because there were very few online handcrafted wooden toy sellers, and no modern and professional examples. Now that the market has picked up, we continue to go through this process because we have become the standard for small business toy makers, pioneers, and innovators in this field. 

We've been blessed through our customers, trials, supporters, failures, and ultimate success. I see reiterations of our designs at every turn and I'm so proud to remember the time we spent designing those products and the countless toys we've made and shipped all over the world. Here are some of the original toys that were first developed as we struggled to bring Little Sapling Toys to life:

  • wooden teethers in non-geometric shapes such as animals, States, and funny &  meaningful symbols.
  • simple blocks in Maple wood, Cherry wood, and Walnut wood; with no paints, stains, or dyes.
  • personalized laser cut wood ornaments, where our customers can choose to remember their children's holiday with any text they choose.
  • laser engraved alphabet blocks, in sets including ASL, Braille, and several languages.
  • the perfect (in my opinion) modern step stool.
  • a modern and simple moving parts wooden camera.

Thank you to our customers! Thank you to our past and present employees! Thank you to our social media supporters! Thank you to our friends and family for loving us, believing in us, and helping us move around the country. And another HUGE thanks to our new and loyal customers alike, you have ultimately driven the success of Little Sapling Toys and we are incredibly grateful for you.

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