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There are a lot of things we value beyond wooden toys and wooden blocks here at Little Sapling Toys. One of those things is Reading. Reading is one of the most important things a child will learn. Many parents want to know what they can do to help their child become better readers. While there are many options for caregiver to choose from, I love the 3 B's suggested by Jim Trelease, author of "The Read Aloud Handbook."

The first B = BOOKS

Children need to be exposed to reading materials in their home. They need to see books on a daily basis. They have to be read to on a regular basis. Most importantly, a child needs his or her own book, with his or her name inscribed inside the book.

The Second B = Baskets

A basket full of books located in different areas of the home will give children the access to reading they need. Place these baskets in areas where they will be used most often. A few suggestions include: the bathroom, on or near the kitchen table, or in the car.

The Third B = Bed Lamp 
Allow your child to read before he or she goes to bed. Give them a lamp and the option to read a little bit past "bedtime." I know that my little girl will look at books before she goes to sleep, so her "bedtime" is about 15 minute early. I love checking in on her and seeing her soundly sleeping next to a pile of books. I hope she is dreaming of adventures with the nutcracker, peas and princesses, elves making fancy shoes, and cleaver cats who talk.

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