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Picks for Baby, Toddler, Big Kid Easter Baskets

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It's easy to head to the store and pick up an endless supply of plastic eggs, candy, and toys that will be forgotten by May Day. Creating a meaningful collection of wooden toys and other goods for an Easter can bring more thoughtful meaning to the holiday and celebrations to you and your family. Here are three collections of products that are beautiful, safe, and, most of all, fun!

Baby's Easter Basket

The first thing a baby does with a toy? She puts it straight in her mouth! All our wood toys are designed and made with that in mind. The teethers come in a variety of shapes, as each baby has her preference for what to hold and each family has different passions to be represented. Stylish braided suede clips can keep those teethers off the floor and close by. The soft bunny on a ring is a limited edition toy that combines the soft and cute stuffed felt bunny and a wooden teething ring. Rattles are fascinating for babies to study and manipulate. Blocks and stacking toys are perfect safe teething options that grow as baby grows to toddler.

Baby Easter basket wood toy picks

Toddler Easter Basket

Toddlers are always on the move! This collection includes toys to capture their short attention spans and move with them. As they start to identify letters and colors, the alphabet blocks, name plaques, and colorful bus are engaging learning tools.

Toddler Easter basket wood toy picks

Big Kid Easter Basket

As your littles grow, so do the options of gifts! These selections foster imaginative play, spacial development, and loads of creativity. Blank eggs can be painted each year as a special tradition (see a video of this in action here).

Kids Easter basket wood toy picks
Hoppy Easter friends! Shop these picks here.

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