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Making wooden toys and blocks has given us a huge love for trees. Because of this, we wanted our company to reflect the importance of our beliefs of contributing to a healthy earth. Through Trees for the Future, we help impoverished communities by planting a tree with every toy sold through their amazing program.

Here at Little Sapling Toys, we believe in shopping with a purpose. Not only will customers receive personal, timeless, lifelong, wooden toys, they will also receive a feeling that they made a difference.

Come September 2017, we wanted to up the ante by planting a tree for every follower we get within a month's time. Our goal is to hit over 100,000 trees planted. At the time of this post (September 27, 2017) we are at 87,000 trees! While this is great, we would love to plant more trees. 

Trees for the future works directly with those positively affected by newly planted trees. There are many benefits to planting trees in impoverished communities:

  1. You permanently increase the income of farmers. Creating another source of income for farmers will also increase the amount of meals their families get. Planting trees will also provide additional employment opportunities for those in the community. 
  2. Additional trees in each village allow for more material to build their communities. 
  3. Planting trees helps reverse environment degradation.
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To learn more about our partnership with Trees for the Future click here. We are so grateful for their charity and program. 

There are many ways you can involved and have a tree planted in your name! Through the month of October we are planting a tree for every follower we get on Instagram. If you are already following us but want a tree planted in your name, share the news about us on your Instagram (through your story or through a post) and tag us. Last but not least, we are planting a tree for every tree we sell!

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