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Gift Guide for Any Mom

Posted by Brooke Fisher on

We have a lot of small shop favorites, but these are some of our very favorites. You may want to forward this to your partner. ;) 

Made by Mary

You know them and you love them, and if you don’t know them I think you will love them. One of our favorite places to buy a gift is Made by Mary. This jewelry company is for the trendy minimalist and also the sentimental. The quality of the jewelry is amazing and all handmade.

What we love: If you’re a Kimber, you love the minimalist stacking rings with a sleek design. These rings are gorgeous and go with any outfit. If you’re a Brooke, you love the hand-stamped necklaces. You can get any name, date, or even location stamped on a necklace to always remember your favorite days.  

Click here to shop. Use LITTLEHOLIDAY for 10% off until the end of the year!



This one is for the moms with little ones. Slings are the perfect way to carry your baby close to you around the house and out and about. There are so many gorgeous options to pick from, so you can find one that best fits your own personal style. The sling below is the "Kingfisher" color and it is marvelous. 


What we love: Any of their amazingly soft Modal slings. These slings are so easy to use and are super high quality, plus the colors they offer are so fun and vibrant…it’s hard not to love them. 

Click here to shop.


Fawn Design

Fawn Design is a diaper bag company based out of Utah. They make amazing faux-leather bags and accessories for moms at all stages. Not only are their products adorable, but their customer service is amazing. These bags are meant to last and they really stand behind that.

What We Love: We have all seen the gorgeous Original Fawn Deisgn bag out and about, but we have recently fallen in love with their Fawn Mini and Fawny Pack. If you are packing light, these two bags are perfect.

Their holiday sale is still going on until tonight (Friday). Click here to shop.


To all the moms who like switching their bags up from time to time, get your hands on a ToteSavvy! These little beauties are made for the mom on the go who loves a lot of organization in their lives. Their organizers come with a changing pad along with all the unique compartments.

What we love: The waterproof pocket is great for anyone. Not only can you put your bottle in it, but you can also store other things in there for safekeeping that can't get wet! 

Click here to shop.

Honorable Mention: Loopy Phone Case

Are you an avid multitasker/phone dropper? This is the product for you! I graduated to the Loopy case from the PopSocket over the summer, and I absolutely love my Loopy Case. Not only do they feature the amazing benefit of phone retention, but they are also incredibly protective and cute!

What we love: Unlike the PopSocket, Loopy cases offer the capability to reach all parts of your phone screen. Since the loop on the back of the phone is stretchy, it definitely stretches where you need it to. Another thing that I love about the Loopy case is that it is very convenient to hold with other things. I usually carry my phone by the loop and it has held strong for sure.

Click here to shop. Use FISHYFACE10 for 10% off. 

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Back to School Activities for the Whole Family

Posted by Brooke Fisher on

Raise your hand if you miss summer. Everyone should be raising their hands. Just because school has started doesn't mean it's time to be boring. Here are a few fun activities you can do with your littles and your significant other after school and work.

1. Make a Fun After School Snack

Photo from Dylbug.com
We love the fun personalized plates you can get from Dylbug. Take the time to get creative with your little ones and their after school snacks. Even if you don't have a personalized plate, we give you permission to play with your food. 

2. Pick a Family Show to Watch Once a Week

If TV isn't your thing, skip this tidbit. 

Pick a TV show (maybe one that's on the air in real time) and sit down as a family to watch it every week at the same time. Make it something the kiddos look forward to. Include a family treat or ritual to go along with this activity.

3. Draw Family Portraits

You know those picture-perfect first day of school photos you see on Instagram? Create your own with your family but instead of perfectly curating it with your iPhone, draw it! Every family member should draw themselves, even the parents! Put them up where you can see them before everyone leaves for work and school.

4. Make a time capsule to open at the end of the school year!

Time capsules are supposed to be put away for years, but kid's lives change so quickly, it will be fun to do a time capsule of all of their favorite things at the beginning of the year. Make a sheet with some of their faves on it.

A few ideas can be: Favorite color, Favorite game/video game, Favorite Movie, Height, Treat, Character from Movie, etc.

Image result for time capsule family

Photo from Disney Family

5. Make something together!

Treats or crafts are great. My thought is to go to treats. I just tried these the other day and they are ridiculous. Teaching your kids a skill when they are young will stick with them forever (Thanks, mom). 

Bonus: Whatever you make can be shared with your little's new friends at school! Yay for sharing.

6. Build a Town or Village with Blocks

Encourage creativity and imagination by building a little town or fortress with building blocks or legos. This is a fun one because everyone can have a hand in it, even the adults. Come up with a storyline for the new town and build your vision. Take it even further, make blueprints before you start to teach your kids about planning a project.

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Mom-isms and Dad-isms You'll love.

Posted by Brooke Fisher on

We've compiled a few of our favorite parent-isms that we think you're going to love. ;) 

1. The game show excitement we never really understood.

relatable mom and dad quotes parents - funny

2. Don't worry about the small things! You're killin' it!

relatable mom and dad quotes parents - funny

3. Remember how "fun" college was?

relatable mom and dad quotes parents - funny

4. Don't you love designer things?

relatable mom and dad quotes parents - funny

5. The "terrible twos" are pretty scary...

relatable mom and dad quotes parents - funny

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5 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

Posted by Brooke Fisher on

If you're reading this, chances are that you are expecting a little one! Here are a few of the cutest pregnancy announcements with sources included!

Flatlays with a Countdown 

This beautiful Flatlay was styled by @pineandpoppyshop for her very own Pregnancy. Age blocks are great for pregnancy countdowns as well as counting up the days your baby has been with you. 

Not announcement related, but still amazing. If you haven't heard of DockATot, you're missing out. This is the next best thing to the womb. It is a comforting place for your little one to sleep and relax while mama showers, works or plays. Definitely check one out.

pregnancy announcement - newborn - baby - pine and poppy


Classic Sonogram Photo

This is so intimate and so sweet. Chelsea, from Sloppy Elegance, and her husband nailed this photo. Looks like their fur baby is also pretty excited about it, too. Whether you hire a photographer or use a self timer, this picture is so sweet and simple to execute. Don't forget to smile!



If you've been paying attention, Letter Boards are in! Letter boards can be used for the holidays, birthdays, wifi passwords, and more. Get one at your local Target or order one on Amazon Prime here.

letter board pregnancy

Use a Book

This is one of the cutest ideas I've seen in a long time, but I'm a huge Dr. Seuss fan! This idea was curated by Yellow Wishbone. Gather up a Hop on Pop book and an Are You My Mother book, and voila! You have a darling announcement. 


I'm all for a creative post! The one below is from Blushing Crow shows the real side of pregnancy-- all the cravings and all the help you can get. I'll let this one speak for itself, because it needs no introductions...

what to expect

The infamous book can be found here. ;)

Let us know how you let your family and friends in on your pregnancy!  

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Purchase with a Purpose

Posted by Brooke Fisher on

Here at Little Sapling Toys we love trees! (Can you tell? ;)) We love trees so much that we plant a tree for every toy bought. 

Purchasing with a purpose is a big deal to us. Since you are part of our tribe, we think you like purchasing with a purpose as well. We have compiled a few of our favorite companies that really hit the mark with their charitable efforts.


Patagonia is an apparel company that focuses on the environment. You can even use your location to see service projects in your area sponsored by Patagonia!

According to Patagonia.com, " [Patagonia] has pledged 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. That calculates to just over $89 million in cash straight to charities that benefit mother earth. 

patagonia - 1 percent


Calling all subscription box lovers! This is the subscription you don't want to pass up. For just $49.99-54.95 you will get 6-8 items from leading socially conscious brands. "[Causebox] tell[s] you why a brand gives back, who they are directly impacting, and where their products are made." This will further introduce you to other brands that give back!

Causebox partners with multiple charities to boost their visibility, credibility and valuation and a small portion of their sales will also go to that charity! Some charities they have worked with in the past include: Freedom Firm, Speak Your Silence, The Jessie Reese Foundation, Trees for the Future, Books for Africa, and more!

cause box - purchase with a purpose


Everlane, a clothing company, donates $5 to the American Civil Liberties Union for every 100% Human product sold. This is a good brand to focus on right now because of all the division in the world. Your purchase will make a difference. 

Not only are they super charitable, but they are also extremely ethical. Their site shows you who is making the clothes and gives statistics on the goals they try to exceed. Their employees are treated like family. Every employee matters at Everlane. 

Cuddle and Kind

Cuddle and Kind makes the most adorable stuffed dolls for your little ones. With every purchase, C+K donates a meal to a child in need. They will often have boosted campaigns where every doll bought gives 10 meals away. 


You know them and you love them. For every pair of shoes Toms sells, they will donate a pair to a kid in need in a third world country. Their mantra is "One for one." The company has donated over 1 million pairs of shoes. 

The company they are working with right now is Magic Bus. According to their latest article, "Magic Bus addresses key constraints in children’s education and livelihood by bringing them back into schools, addressing systemic inequalities through community buy-in, and integrating adolescent boys into the conversation on gender equality." Sign us up!

toms one for one

What are some of your favorite companies that promote purchasing with a purpose? Leave a note in the comments!

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